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WIDE is a joint project between the Accessibility Research Centre at Teesside University, JISC TechDis and Portland College that aims to make online learning more accessible and inclusive for disabled students/learners. Our objective is to develop open educational resources that will improve or support the learning experience and can be shared and adapted by the community.

This project extends our vision of creating learning resources adapted to the needs of students with diverse needs in order to create a better learning environment for all learners, wherever and however they study. The aim is to develop resources that extend the functionality and flexibility of VLEs to enable institutions to meet the needs of learners with disabilities who may require their learning resources to be adapted to meet their specific needs. Through a series of workshops and follow up activities, we will bring together specialist teachers, tutors, researchers, designers and technologists to develop a set of specialised widgets.

A widget/app/gadget is a small self-contained application that works on the web or a mobile device. Examples include a widget that would utilise Stickykeys to support learners with motor difficulties in completing web forms,  a widget for creating high contrast view/themes or activating voice recognition,or a symbols-based calendar. For more examples of widgets go to: http://widgets.opera.com/, http://incubator.apache.org/wookie/widget-demo.html

We are currently holding a series of one day workshops on the ‘design of widgets for inclusive distributed environments’. These events are of interest to those directly involved with the teaching or support of disabled learners and students in FE and HE, including lecturers, tutors, learning technologists, disability coordinators etc.

The workshops are an opportunity for participants to specify and produce learning designs that will be developed for you into bespoke small applications known as widgets. More information on the workshops and how to register here : http://arc.tees.ac.uk/workshop/

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