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All the WIDE widgets with download and access information can be found here. Each widget includes a description of the user scenario on which its creation was based and a summary of its use in practice. If you need help with the download process, this can be found on the Tutorials page.

You are invited to leave comments on any of the widgets, but to do so you must first register in the Members Area. Some widgets require the input of user information, which also requires registration.

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Icon NameDESCASC Description Type: Category Download
Icon Mouse Button Swapper A simple Windows Application that allows the user to swap the function of the left and right hand mouse buttons without the need to drill down to the Windows accessibility settings Tools: Assistive Technologyunavailable
Icon Magnifying Glass The "Magnifying Glass" is a simple widget that magnifies text and images. Tools: Assistive Technologyunavailable
Icon 5 Quick Revision Question A widget to create a short revision test using IMS QTI questions with feedback. Learning Objects: Learning Objects Download
Icon Sentence Jumbler A widget to help students to practice correct sentence order. Insert a sentence, jumble it and use drag and drop to select the correct order. Learning Objects: Learning Objects Download
Icon Digital Abacus A simple 'digital abacus' widget that allows students to move the virtual balls of the abacus to calculate maths problems. The abacus has been designed to be semi-transparent and can be easily resized. Tools: Assistive Technology Download
Icon I Am Here This widget allows users to report progress on a journey and for their progress to be monitored. An alert is triggered if they do not report in. This is intended for installation on a mobile device Tools: Independence Toolsunavailable
Icon Community Activism A widget to enable users to report on the accessibility of venues, services or locations. Requires registration. Applications: Social Networkunavailable
Icon One Click Timer A simple countdown started in one click with the possibility of setting the current and next task. Tools: Time Management Download
Icon Medical Emergency A widget that allows a user to set up a medical alert to trigger in an emergency situation. Tools: Independence Tools Download
Icon Independent Living Selection Tool A widget to support students moving into independent living to plan the home support aids they will need. Applications: 'Content-free' appsunavailable
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